Report & recommendations


The mandate of the Committee is to develop a global strategy that will position Quebec as a leader in AI research and innovation, business creation and organizational appropriation of AI.


Strategic direction 1 :

Ensure the development and sustainability of Quebec’s AI academic research hub

Recommendation 1: Increase our ability to attract researchers in areas where Quebec has the potential to become a world leader

Recommendation 2: Ensure the inflow – in quantity and quality – of local and foreign graduate students in AI and AI-related fields

Strategic direction 2 :

Develop digital science talents to meet Quebec’s needs

Recommendation 3: Develop and maintain through a “talent watch” a clear and comprehensive perspective on needs, gaps and opportunities regarding digital science skills

Recommendation 4: Support educational institutions in updating their training offerings

Recommendation 5: Promote mathematical literacy and the democratization of science

Strategic direction 3 :

Accelerate the development and adoption of AI solutions within Quebec’s economic fabric

Recommendation 6: Support Quebec businesses that design AI solutions, including start-ups, so they can develop, grow and remain in Quebec

Recommendation 7: Ensure future private sector AI users receive adequate support

Recommendation 8: Position government and Crown corporations as model users that benefit from AI technology

Strategic direction 4 :

Develop an international responsible AI and AI impact analysis hub in Quebec

Recommendation 9: Ensure the sustainability of ongoing responsible AI mobilization efforts and prepare to integrate emerging consensuses into Quebec public policy

Strategic direction 5 :

Advance the development of ecosystem support structures

Recommendation 10: Ensure access to computing power and computational expertise for AI and data science stakeholders

Recommendation 11: Create a permanent AI.Quebec organization with its own administrative structure to play a monitoring role and facilitate coordination between Quebec AI ecosystem stakeholders

Recommendation 12: Facilitate access to information on available resources for AI ecosystem stakeholders and promote connections between them through a common showcase